Our Coach


Pictured above is our 2004 Marathon Coach.   This is our second Prevost coach.  Our first was a 1997 Liberty Coach that served as our “learner” in which we learned the ropes of big motorcoach travel.   Both coaches were bought used since new ones are are simply out of reach.  At age 10, our Marathon was truly just getting broken in as its existing 100,000 miles were just a preview of the distance this coach could travel.  It isn’t unusual for an active coach to rack up a million miles or more during its service lifetime.   Most motor coach conversions seldom see this many miles and as a result are nearly all in pristine mechanical condition.


Prevost Car, Inc., is a long established Canadian manufacturer of large passenger buses.  The modern Greyhound fleet uses Prevost coaches, for example.  In addition to passenger buses, Prevost also makes a motor home version that is identical except for the omission of several windows and the seated interior.   Prevost also makes the slide-out mechanisms that provide a great increase in living space.  Prevost coaches are also widely used by the entertainment industry as the touring platform of choice countless bands, performers and celebrities.  Even Dolly Parton’s Prevost coach is a popular tourist attraction in Dollywood.

When new Prevost motor home coaches leave the factory they are fully functional and certified road machines and are typically driven to their delivery destination.  They are supplied with no interior and a plain white paint job.  Custom coach converters order these “shells” directly from Prevost and its interesting to note that it can take up to a year to complete their transformation into a luxury living space.


Above, a Prevost H3 “shell”, ready for conversion to a motor home.


Above, the coach interior, ready for conversion.  Platform in the rear is the sliding master bed tray.


And finally, the interior (of our coach) after conversion.

There is simply no comparison between a Prevost conversion and any other motor home.  That’s why they are often referred to as the Ultimate Class of motor home.  These coaches interiors are completely hand crafted using only the finest materials, cabinet making and craftsmanship.



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