Amarillo Ranch RV

Amarillo is the biggest city in the Texas panhandle.  In popular folklore its most famous landmark is Cadillac Ranch, a place where seven cadillacs are buried nose first in a line in the middle of a field along Interstate 40.  And then, there’s the Big Texan Steak Ranch, which is a long standing tourist attraction that has withstood the test of time.   They are famous for a 72 oz. steak which is “free” if you can eat it all in one sitting.  I don’t really know many people who will willingly eat 6 pounds of beef like that but it makes for a good slogan.  Several people have apparently done it.  Go figure.

In any event, Amarillo Ranch RV is a great place to stop and park for a while.   The park has medium shade, and some very large (long) spaces.  Upon registering the first thing you’ll notice is how friendly the staff is and how they will do everything possible to get you situated in a great spot.





Our spot, which was right next to the entrance of the park, was quiet, level, and free of satellite antenna obstructions.


Some of the larger sites above, which can accommodate rigs of well over 80 feet in length.


The park also offers a free limousine service that will take you from your campsite to the Big Tex Steakhouse, only a few miles away.  Oddly, there are a fleet of at least 6 of these limos so catching a classy ride to dinner is as easy as picking up the phone.


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