Branson, Branson, Branson!

There’s only one Branson Missouri and this was our third time seeing it.  The largest and most convenient campground in the area is the Branson KOA.  Everybody knows KOA, who are, like McDonalds, fairly consistent wherever you see them.  Most KOA campgrounds were built 20 to 30 years ago and many are still trying to catch up with modern times.  Any new campground today will have full hook-ups (FHU) which will generally mean on-site water, sewer, 50 Amp power, and possibly cable TV.   Some of the older sites actually had telephone lines to each site, but these have gone the way of the dodo bird as cell phones have taken over the world.

The Branson KOA, while somewhat older, is well maintained by an excellent staff.  Most sites, even though considered FHU, are pretty spartan and have few frivolities such as grass.  This s a typical spot in the area that we camped:


The dual concrete tire tracks are a sign of an old park.  This was undoubtedly done to save concrete rater than to serve a particular purpose.  A good, sturdy bed of river gravel fills the entire space which does provide for excellent drainage in the rain.  The relative lack of trees also means that its likely that you’ll not have any satellite reception problems.


We got really lucky with our spot (above) in hat it was located adjacent to a small community firepit and gathering area.  Even luckier was that the large, satellite blocking tree was opposite the direction our dish was pointed so again, no problems!   We hate to miss an episode of The Deadliest Catch because of some dumb tree!  The dog also enjoyed plenty of fresh grass for his needs.   On top of that was a doggie bag dispenser and dump can (center-right of photo) that made things very welcoming.


The streets within the park are very wide, which is always a good thing.  Prevost bus rallies have been held here with more than 50 buses in attendance.



The convenience of the camp’s location to the Branson strip cannot be understated.  It’s practically walking distance from the park however the traffic is almost always heavy around town.  Did we mention how friendly the staff were?   It’s worth noting that one perk of KOA’s s that most of them will pick up your trash in front of your parking site on a daily basis.   This, while a small concession, always makes campground life just a little easier!



Disclaimer: we have nothing whatsoever to do with this RV, which we spotted nearby.  It was simply a beauty that was built on a Kenworth truck chassis that really looked and sounded great!



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