Creede, Colorado’s Mountain Views RV Park

The Mountain Views RV Park is a first class resort.  There are only a handful of first class resorts around the country and this one has both ownership as well as rental spaces.  Creede, Colorado is a beautiful place and although situated at 8800 feet above sea level, is very easy for low-landers like myself to adapt to.


Pictured here are s few of the ownership sites.  They are indeed gorgeous.


Most ownership sites are partially or fully paved, and the residents are allowed to modify and landscape them to suit.



Our spot, which was very handy and near the entrance.






Buena Vista KOA

Okay, we do stay at KOA campgrounds on occasion.  They are consistent and usually meet a minimum set of standards.  A few of them are outstanding and some are just average.   This particular KOA fits the latter category however we found the setting to be peaceful and quiet with great views.  We stayed here just one night on this trip but we wouldn’t hesitate to stay again if the occasion arose.


The entrance to this park is easy to find however the long dirt road was very bumpy and washboarded.  This didn’t stop us however, even with our low ground clearance.



This view, directly in front of our spot, was particularly beautiful.  That’s Mt. Princeton in the background.





The spots can best be described as “rustic”.  No paved spots were seen, however the ground was well drained and for the most part, not muddy.  It does rain frequently in the long summer afternoons.


The main clubhouse, in the typical KOA style.



We loved the view from our site.  Although it looked like the nearby power pole would be a problem for us pulling out, it was easily missed 🙂




Denver’s Dakota Ridge RV Park

Like most large metropolitan areas, Denver has a shortage of good RV park choices, especially for a big rig.  The Dakota Ridge RV Park is located in Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.   Freeway access is easy and its about 20 to 30 minutes from the heart of the city.


The park itself is very popular and it is often difficult to get last minute reservations, unless you’re in a smaller RV.  The scarcity of vacancies speaks to its unique status in the immediate Denver area.


The park is undergoing constant upgrading an as evident by these pictures, some of the spots are in need of resurfacing.





Our spot (above) was just barely large enough for the RV and our pickup truck, which at times was partially blocking the street.


There is a great mountain drive right nearby.  The photo above is of downtown Golden and the famous Coor’s brewery which seems to dwarf the city.


The author and his family, along the Denver Mountain Park road.


Park Location:

Kansas City’s Basswood Resort

Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of great campgrounds in and around Kansas City.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just that there aren’t any.  As real estate investments go, an RV park isn’t always a great money maker.  Near the big cities where land and space is in high demand, RV parks often lose out to more profitable enterprises like Walmarts and Home Depot stores.

So, when we visited KC, we searched and found a park that could accommodate our 45 foot RV and the one we found was the Basswood Resort in Platte City, near the international airport.  The site itself is in a semi-rural area and was once a fish hatchery.

The fish hatchery is long gone but its most significant assets remain, the lakes.  This resort has a couple of lakes where fishing is popular but there are no boats or swimming due to their small size.


The park itself is clean and well run.  They have several people on staff who take care of the grounds and were found to be friendly and helpful.  In addition to RV spaces, this park also offers small cabin lodges for those who travel and vacation by automobile.


Pictured above, one of the nicer sites with a concrete pad and some shade.


One of the camping lodges.  Just kidding… This is a beautiful home that we happened to see while driving around in downtown KC.


Above, one of the real Basswood Resort “mansions”, which are usually full in summer.


Our spot, above, wasn’t very fancy but we liked the fact that it had a clear overhead view to the sky so that our satellite dish was fully functional with HD channels!




A small amphitheater which could be used for groups.  I could almost hear banjo picking here.


The dog run.  This was actually a pretty nice feature and the dog liked it too!