Denver’s Dakota Ridge RV Park

Like most large metropolitan areas, Denver has a shortage of good RV park choices, especially for a big rig.  The Dakota Ridge RV Park is located in Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.   Freeway access is easy and its about 20 to 30 minutes from the heart of the city.


The park itself is very popular and it is often difficult to get last minute reservations, unless you’re in a smaller RV.  The scarcity of vacancies speaks to its unique status in the immediate Denver area.


The park is undergoing constant upgrading an as evident by these pictures, some of the spots are in need of resurfacing.





Our spot (above) was just barely large enough for the RV and our pickup truck, which at times was partially blocking the street.


There is a great mountain drive right nearby.  The photo above is of downtown Golden and the famous Coor’s brewery which seems to dwarf the city.


The author and his family, along the Denver Mountain Park road.


Park Location:

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