Robin ferries to the San Juans & Port Townsend

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I am desperately behind on reporting back about our adventures.  It was about five weeks ago that Fred and I walked onto a ferry, sailed into Friday Harbor, and walked off onto San Juan Island.

After a few hours, some antique shopping (bought a cool clock) a fish lunch and some ice cream, we climbed back on the ferry.  Fred wanted to see all the islands that the ferry serviced so we carefully charted (we thought) our trip to make sure we saw Shaw, Lopez and Orcas Islands, catching the last ferry back to Anacortes.  There is an ironic story about how a quick trip to a few small islands and perhaps a missed connection (or two)  would end up taking all day. And by all day, I mean a midnight arrival back at the trailerhood.  We’ll tell you all about it some day when it is more funny and less contentious.

We had a wonderful time  exploring the islands and spending time  in the town of Anacortes.  The two rainy days gave us a reason to stay in and get some work done.  Soon it was time to move on to Port Townsend for my first ham radio field day.  This time we drove the bus and the jeep onto a ferry and crossed the water…
That is not a picture of the ferry you see above this paragraph.  Cool sail boat though eh? Fred has decided that we are going to learn to sail.  More about that in a different dispatch.
Click here for pics of the Islands…

Fred wrote a whole article for about field day at Fort Flagler.  I’ll attach a link to it for those of you who are wondering just what field day entails.  Warning ladies…it is full of technical stuff and lots of pictures of antennas.  Click here for Fred’s article and pics…

The place I absolutely loved was Chetzemoka Park.  We tried hard to capture the essence of this place pictorally.  Click here for the album…
Don’t forget to double click on the pictures so they will get big.

Today, day 68, we left Birch Bay to drive inland toward the “heat island of America.” We planned to see Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands this year but did not plan on the extreme temps. We waited it out for weeks in Washington until we ran out of patience and headed out.  I am writing this from Wenatchee River County Park in Monitor, WA.  We didn’t know this place existed until Fred spotted it from the road and hit the brakes. It is booked for the weekend so we were lucky to snag a spot for tonight.  A cold river rushes past the park which is dotted with trees, is grassy, peaceful and beautiful…all for $24.00. We already have new friends. Highly recommended.  As I write to you, Fred is in full panic mode on the computer trying to solve a serious problem on the QRZ website.  The fun never stops.

from the road:


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